Research Compliance

Office of Research Development, Integrity and Assurance Leaving the site icon

Provides support for implementation of research compliance programs, including:

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For All Inquiries:

Office of Research Integrity & Assurance
4400 University Drive, MS 6D5
Fairfax, VA 22030

Environmental Health and Safety Office  Leaving the site icon

Provides resources and programs relevant to Mason researchers, including:

For All Inquiries:

EHS Office,
4400 University Drive, MS 5E2,
Fairfax, Virginia, 22030
Phone: 703.993.8448

Office of Technology Transfer Leaving the site icon

Inventor disclosure and research information, including:

  • Copyrights: The treatment of copyrighted works resulting from sponsored projects varies from project to project. All agreements will reserve the right for faculty to publish scholarly and academic works; however, provisions covering the use and distribution of reports and software will vary from agreement to agreement. Review the terms and conditions of the project for more details. If there are any questions regarding the use of copyrighted material created during the course of sponsored research, please contact the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT).
  • Patents: Most sponsored research projects, whether funded by the federal government, industry, or foundations, include terms that govern the disposition of patentable inventions discovered during the course of the research. For this reason, PIs must disclose new inventions to the OTT. Please contact the OTT to discuss possible inventions before making a formal disclosure and for disclosure forms.
  • Research Record-Keeping: During the research project, PIs and others engaged in the project should keep a detailed account of the research process including the data generated, the experimental results, and the timing of events. This account can be very important in establishing the legal framework for determining inventorship of any patentable discoveries related to the research. Visit the OTT website for additional information.

For All Inquiries:

Office of Technology Transfer
George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MSN 5G5
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-993-8933

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