Post-Award Modifications and Extensions

OSP works with faculty and administrators to coordinate post award modifications and financial activities for all sponsored awards.  All requests for prior approvals on existing awards should be reviewed and submitted by OSP including, but not limited to; no-cost extension requests, PI changes & transfers, budget revisions, and changes in scope.  OSP staff can provide guidance regarding award management and interpretation of general sponsor requirements and award specific terms and conditions.  Please contact the Post Award Research Administrator assigned to your unit for assistance. If you need to request sponsor approval for any of the changes listed below, please initiate a modification request in RAMP.

Absence or Change of PI or Other Key Personnel

Most sponsors require notification if there will be a change in key personnel or if there will be an extended absence of the PI. If there will be an absence or change in the PI or change in key personnel, the existing PI should contact their unit’s assigned Post Award Research Administrator to discuss the requirements for informing the sponsor and obtaining the necessary approvals.


  • Award Transfer from the PI’s previous institution to GMU:
    A new faculty member coming from another institution may request to transfer his/her sponsored project to GMU. Each sponsoring agency has different requirements related to transfers and some may not allow it. Generally, the approval of both involved institutions and the sponsor are required. The transfer should be initiated through RAMP as a new submission will need to be prepared at GMU to include a new scope of work, budget, justification, and any other required sponsor forms.
    OSP Faculty Transfer Checklist Into GMU
  • Award Transfers from GMU to the PI’s new institution:
    If a GMU faculty member will be transferring a sponsored project to a new institution, they should contact their college administrator, and assigned Post Award Research Administrator for assistance.
    OSP Faculty Transfer Checklist Leaving GMU

In both cases above, the institution may elect to retain the award and a new principal investigator will be assigned to the project, if able to secure the approval of the sponsoring agency.

Budget Revisions

The proposal budget should be drafted with as much accuracy as possible, but it is understood that this is the PI’s best estimate during the proposal phase, and it may be necessary at times to rebudget funds during the award performance period in order to complete the project. The revised budget post-award authority should never be used to circumvent the integrity of the proposal budgeting process. Depending on the terms of the award, budget revisions may or may not require prior sponsor approval. Thresholds and approval requirements vary greatly by sponsor; please review the terms and conditions provided in the award document or the sponsor or agency guidelines to determine the prior approval requirements that apply to your award. If sponsor approval is required, please utilize the Request Award Modification activity from the RAMP award record to initiate this request. If there are questions about the award terms and conditions or sponsor requirements, please contact the Post Award Research Administrator assigned to your unit.

No-Cost Extensions

A no-cost extension may be requested if the PI needs more time to complete the original scope of work for the project. A no-cost extension is not meant to simply “spend out” the remainder of the project funds.

Most sponsors require the request at least 90 days prior to the end date of the project. Review the terms and conditions found in the project award document for more details.  To request a no-cost extension, please utilize the Request Award Modification activity from the RAMP award record to initiate this request.

Change in Scope of Work (SOW)

Significant changes in the SOW will require the sponsor’s approval, and this request should be submitted through OSP. Please utilize the Request Award Modification activity from the RAMP award record to initiate this request.