OSP Current and Pending Process

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Beginning May 18, 2020

What’s changing:
OSP Grants Specialist sends PI and college finance staff a spreadsheet listing pending awards and current awards to review and edit.

What stays the same:
OSP Grants Specialist prepares the current and pending Word document using the data from the reviewed spreadsheet and OSP sends the final draft out for PI approval.

Why the change:
To facilitate a more efficient and effective process for developing current and pending reports for proposals. Current process is a manual process whereby each Grants Specialist must copy individual cells from Excel and MicroStrategy to create the Current and Pending Word document, which is then edited by PIs and colleges. Often pending proposals copied over by Grants Specialists are deleted or edited.

1. Within 4 days of receiving Request for Proposal Assistance, OSP Grants Specialist emails the spreadsheet to the contact identified by the college (PI and/or college financial contact):

  • PI reviews pending list and in Column A selects the appropriate code from the drop down list
    R – Reviewed and confirmed
    X – Delete
    E – Edited
    A – Added (PI adds in new rows for any pending that need to be added)
  • If PI is required to report “Other Support” (required for NIH), PI’s enter information in “Other Support” tab.
    NIH Other Support and Foreign Component Resource 3-2-2020 pdf file/you will be leaving the site
  •  COLLEGES WILL UPDATE BASED ON THEIR PROCEDURES: Per college procedures, [college financial contact or PI reviews] current award list.
    • Update the highlighted effort column with updated effort numbers.
    • Selects the appropriate code from Column A
      R – Reviewed and confirmed
      E – Edited
  • Per college procedures [colleges will insert whether the college financial contact or the PI will return the spreadsheet], the C&P spreadsheet is sent back to the OSP Grants Specialist 6 days before the Sponsor deadline to enable OSP to create the C&P form by the 4-day deadline). ONLY ONE COPY OF SPREADSHEET SHOULD BE SENT BACK TO THE GRANTS SPECIALIST.

2. Grants Specialist prepares the current and pending form based on sponsor format.

3. Grants Specialist notifies the Grants Administrator that C&P is ready. Grants Administrator sends out final C&P document as part of final grant package for PI approval.

4. NSF GRANTS: Beginning June 1, NSF will require PIs to generate C&Ps from SciENcv.

  • Beginning May 18, OSP will not be preparing NSF Current and Pending forms to ensure PIs are familiar with SciENcv and our forms are uploaded to NSF.
  • Grants Specialists will send the current and pending spreadsheet to the PI for their use in preparing Current and Pending using SciENcv. PIs/Colleges do NOT need to return NSF Current and Pending spreadsheets to OSP.

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