C&P Roles and Responsibilities

Here is a breakdown of roles and responsibilities for the Mason Current and Pending Support/Other Support report development process:


L = Lead
S = Secondary

*Where there is no local research unit Research Administrator (RA), OSP Grants Administrators working with PIs will perform those responsibilities.

XDetermine that proposal requires Current and Pending/Other Support and the required format
LSIdentify list of Senior Key Personnel that need to submit Current and Pending and Other Support information
XGenerate current and pending report for PI and other Senior Key Personnel in RAMP
XRemove proposals that are not in Pending Sponsor Review
XIf applicable, put RAMP report into correct Sponsor format (RAMP report is NIH format)
SLIf applicable, enter information into SciENcv and generate report (NSF proposal)
LSUpdate effort based on approved grant or submitted proposal
LSIf any proposals have been rejected, initiate action in RAMP to update status
XSend draft versions of Current and Pending for review
XEach PI and Senior key personnel must sign Current and Pending report
XConvert all signed Current and Pending reports to PDF
XUpload Current and Pending into RAMP
XReview final Current and Pending to ensure it meets Sponsor requirements
XIf applicable, submit current and Pending to NIH through JIT
LSSubmit current and pending with proposal
XUpdate RAMP to change status of pending proposals
XUpdate RAMP report template for new Sponsor requirements
XMaintain current and pending requirements webpage with links to Sponsor requirements