Proposal Routing

The proposal routing form is a document that summarizes the main project information for the Principal Investigator, Department Chair/Center Director, and Dean.

OSP utilizes Banner Workflow to route the form to all individuals involved in the project. The certifications and representations are included in the Workflow transaction for completion by the PI.

The PI and appropriate departmental authorities electronically approve the form, indicating approval of the project objectives, budget, faculty time commitments, distribution of recovered F&A costs and authorization of any committed cost-share.

Banner Workflow User Guides

Recovered F&A (Indirect) Costs

The PI will receive a percentage of the recovered F&A charged to the sponsored project. The percentage the PI will receive is identified on the Proposal Routing Form at the time the proposal is submitted. An indirect org will be established for the PI. The PI’s portion of recovered F&A will be transferred to that indirect org twice a month for charges made to the project.

Spending with an indirect org must comply with state spending rules and must be used in support of research. Typically, recovered indirect funds are used to support travel, purchase equipment, support students, or for other traditional research expenditures. Recovered indirect funds may not be used to increase the salary of the PI.