National Institutes of Health

Link to NIH Other Support requirements

Link to GMU Summary of NIH– Other Support and Identifying Foreign Components summary (add hyperlink to document)

WHEN: For NIH proposals, Other Support is requested during the Just-in-Time process.

WHO: Key personnel

FORMAT: NIH specified format. In 2023, NIH will require use of SciENcv.

WHAT: Key personnel MUST disclose and DO NOT NEED TO disclose

  • Reporting Consulting and Outside Professional Activities
    1. MUST disclose funding for all research activities, regardless of where the research will be carried out.
    2. DO NOT NEED TO disclose outside activities that are not considered research do not appear to require reporting to NIH.
  • Training Awards, Gifts, and Prizes / Institutional Support
    1. MUST disclose start-up packages and support for research from entities other than Mason, even if the research will be carried out at another institution; and institutional grants and awards that are “separately budgeted and accounted for” per the Uniform Guidance.
    2. DO NOT NEED TO disclose start-up packages from Mason in any form; gift funds that meet the formal definition of a gift; endowed chair funds and other endowment allocations.
  • Reporting In-Kind Support
    1. MUST disclose in-kind resources that are uniquely available to key personnel (office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, employees) including those available outside the applicant institution; details about in-kind personnel who are expected to work directly on a proposed project; report details of in-kind support in the Facilities and Other Resources section or in Other Support section of the application; report details of individuals who have expended at least one month of effort during the year (compensated or uncompensated) in the annual report (no change).
    2. DO NOT NEED TO disclose institution-wide resources such as core facilities or shared equipment that are made broadly available.
  • Reporting of Appointments and Affiliations
    1. MUST disclose affiliations or appointments that are likely to be cited in NIH-funded publications in the biosketch section of the application.
  • Foreign Component
    1. PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED before initiating a new “foreign component” per current NIH policy (no change).
    2. Informal collaborations with international researchers could meet the NIH definition of a Foreign Component; therefore, it will not always be apparent to the sponsored programs office when a foreign component arises. Educating PIs about the NIH requirement is essential for PIs and institutions to comply with NIH policy.
  • Other support does NOT include training awards, prizes, or gifts. Gifts are resources provided where there is no expectation of anything (e.g. time, services, specific research activities, money, etc.) in return. An item or service given with the expectation of an associated time commitment is not a gift and is instead an in-kind contribution and must be reported as such.