Department of Defense

DOD Guidelines

March 20, 2019, the Department of Defense memo 

WHEN: For DOD proposals, Other Support is typically requested when you submit your proposal.

WHO: Key personnel

FORMAT: Not specified.  See SAMPLES.


  • DOD requires full disclosure of current and pending support from domestic and non-domestic sources.
  • A list of current projects the individual is working on, as well as any future support applied for, regardless of source. This includes all projects funded or pending funding decision from any source: all domestic and international sources, funds internal and external to CU, and funds paid directly to the individual;
  • Titles and objectives of the other research projects;
  • Percentage per year devoted to the other projects;
  • Total amount of support the individual is receiving or will receive;
  • Name and address of agencies and/or other parties supporting other research projects; and
  • Period of performance for the other research projects.