About Compliance

The compliance section provides you with updated resources about state and federal rules and regulations regarding research compliance and financial compliance.

  • Financial Compliance
    Resources and information about Cost Share, Fly America Act, Payroll Certification, Reports, and Subcontracts
  • Research Compliance
    Lists of direct links from Office of Research Integrity and Assurance and Environmental Health and Safety Office.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training
    Brief information on Responsible Conduct of Research and direct link to register for the course
  • For more information:

    • Contact your OSP Research Administrator if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities under these regulations.

    As a recipient of state and federal funds, Mason is obligated, by law, to assure that all research activities are conducted in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations.

    The University must demonstrate that it has established institutional policies and procedures for: